About me
Marat Faizrahmanov

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Research Interests

Computability Theory, Theory of Numberings, Computable Model Theory, Admissible Sets


2004-2009Kazan State University,
Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics

Scientific Degrees

2011, Ph.D. Thesis "Turing Jumps in the Ershov Hierarchy", Kazan State University
2020, Sc.D. Thesis "Generalized Computable Numberings and Degree Spectra of Countable Families", S.L. Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk)


Senior researcher, Kazan Federal University, Volga Region Scientific-Educational Centre of Mathematics (main)

Assistant professor, Kazan Federal University, N.I. Lobachevsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Department of Algebra and Mathematical Logic (part-time employee)

Additional Information

Member of the Dissertation Council No. 01-03/803 on Mathematical logic; Algebra; Number Theory; Discrete Mathematics; Mathematical Cybernetics; Mathematical and Software Support for Computers, Complexes and Computer Networks

Member of the Working group of the N.I. Lobachevsky Project